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Alexa Integration at Birchview Homestead

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Much of our home is integrated with Amazon Alexa. This allows for voice commands over most lights as well as other benefits of using Alexa, such as internet searches, listen to music, set timers and alarms, play games, etc.

PRIVACY NOTICE: We have (2) smart speakers (Amazon Echo Dots) that work by listening for anyone to say the word "Alexa"; then it listens for your command. This feature is turned on by default. You can turn the smart speaker's microphone off by pushing the "Mute" button (see photo). The (2) Echo Dots locations are:

  • (1) on the Upstairs Console Table

  • (1) in the Basement Arcade area

4th gen Alexa Dot hardware buttons
4th gen Alexa Dot hardware buttons

You can also call Alexa on any of our TV remotes by holding the microphone button; when using the remotes to call Alexa, you do not need to say "Alexa".


  • Play Games: Play any of these games by using the command “Open” or “Play” then say any of the following:

  • A-Plus Trivia (ex. "Alexa, play A-Plus Trivia")

  • Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

  • Choose Your Own Adventure

  • Beat the Intro

  • Jeopardy

  • More or Less

  • Hide and Seek

  • The Magic Door

  • Song Quiz

  • Trivia Battle

  • Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

  • Rock, Paper, Scissors

  • My Horoscope

  • Music and Sounds:

  • Music: say "Play" then the artist or song. (ex. "Alexa, play Michael Jackson" or "Alexa, play Thriller")

  • Sounds: say “Open” then say any of the following:

  • Forest Stream (ex. "Alexa, open Forest Stream")

  • Forest Bird Sounds

  • Rainforest Sounds

  • Set Timer

  • say "Set Timer for [number of] minutes" (ex. "Alexa, set timer for 15 minutes")

  • Set Alarm

  • "Set Alarm for [time]" (ex. "Alexa, set alarm for 9:30 AM")

  • Smart Home

  • Many of the lights have their own name that can be controlled by Alexa. We have labeled each one either at the light switch itself; below each name is the list of commands that work (On, Off, Dim).

  • Ex. "Alexa, turn on the Dining Room Overhead"

  • Note: for lights that dim, use percentages (ex. "Alexa, dim the Kitchen lights to 30%)

  • Alexa can also control whole room lights with the commands “turn on / off the lights in the” then say which rooms:

  • Dining Room (ex. "Alexa, turn off the lights in the Dining Room")

  • Kitchen

  • Golden Forest

  • Deer Den

  • Bear Cave

  • Basement (NOTE: the main Basement lights are not controlled by Alexa - use the wall switch in the stairway)

  • Arcade

  • Laundry

  • Basement Bathroom

  • Other commands:

  • Connect to your phone:

  • You can connect your phone to the Echo Dot via Bluetooth with the command “Connect to my phone”.

  • Alexa will tell you what device name to look for in your phone’s Bluetooth settings.

  • Once connected, you will be able to play audio from your phone through the Echo Dot.

  • Control the TV

  • You can call Alexa through the microphone button on its remote.

  • The Basement TV can also be controlled by the Echo Dot in the Arcade.

  • Commands:

  • Play a movie or TV show

  • "Watch [title]."

  • "Play [title].

  • “Play [title] on [app]."

  • Search for movies and TV shows

  • "Search for [title]."

  • "Find [title / genre]."

  • "Show me [tv shows / movies] with [actor]."

  • "Show me new [tv shows / movies]."

  • "Search for free [tv shows / movies].