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Amenity Badges at Indian Mountain Lake

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

To provide you with as much value as possible for your trip, we have purchased IML Amenity Badges which give you full access to all IML amenities (except community events in which tickets need to be purchased).

Whenever you visit an amenity at IML, you must wear an Amenity Badge.

The badge contains a chip that can be scanned by IML staff and security. If asked, provide the amenity badge to IML staff so they can scan it. If you are at an amenity without an Amenity Badge, you can be fined and multiple instances can lead to removal from the community. Per our rental agreement, the primary renter is legally and financially responsible for all fines accumulated during your stay in our home.

The badges are located by the front door at Birchview Homestead.

Please ensure that all Amenity Badges have been returned to their home location by Checkout, otherwise we will charge a $25.00 security deposit penalty per badge.

For more information on the Amenities:

IML Amenity badges at Birchview Homestead
IML Amenity Badges


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