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Equipment Area at Birchview Homestead

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Location: our Equipment Area is located below our back deck, just outside the basement door, on the ground level.

Availability: for use during your stay in our home. All items must be returned for the next guest to use.


  • Lifejackets and Oars (April 1 - October 31 - to be used with our kayaks - oars stored in half sections, assemble at the lake! Adult and Child size lifejackets)

  • Cornhole boards and bags (otherwise known as "beanbags")

  • Basketballs and ball pump (Clubhouse Basketball Court is a 3-minute drive from the house)

  • Horseshoes (play at Boulder Lake)

  • Disc Golf Bag with Discs (play at the Walking Trail)

  • Grill brush (for the community charcoal grill at Boulder Lake)

  • Outdoor chairs (4 foldable camping chairs and 8 plastic camping chairs)

  • Hose (While outdoor temperature is above freezing)

  • Outdoor tools (shovel, rake, snow shovel - just in case)

  • During the winter, we store several snow shovels under the front deck and ice-melt salt buckets at each entryway.


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