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Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) at Birchview Homestead

Updated: Jan 14

Smart Home A.I.

We have our home programmed to monitor its own temperature, with the goal to maintain between 69-71 degrees. To ensure the home can make adjustments on its own without interference, we have blocked access to most thermostats, either physically or through software. Please contact your host if you prefer the temperature to be set to something else.

Downstairs: The Downstairs is naturally cooler than the Upstairs. This means it will hardly run during the Summer but will usually be running on Heat during the Winter.

During Winter/cold weather:

  • Our basement is a large, open space that cannot be heated by the electric baseboards or the mini-split system alone.

  • They work together to keep the basement warm.

  • Improper usage could cause one to fail, preventing the basement from getting higher than 65 degrees.

  • Please do not tamper with the basement thermostat that is locked.

  • If you want to warm the basement, you can adjust the following on the mini-split remote control:

  • Turn up the temperature

  • Turn the Fan Speed from "Auto" to "High" or "Very High"

Upstairs: we have a ceiling-mounted register in all rooms, all controlled by the same central thermostat (accessible to you - found in the Upstairs hallway). Ceiling-mounted registers can be open/restricted to control airflow by gently turning the knob in the register.

Because the Upstairs is a central unit, the bedroom doors should be open during the day so the full system can circulate. This also means that the bedrooms could experience a shift in temperature at night with the doors closed.

  • If the bedrooms get too warm, crack/open the screened windows; this ensures the room adjusts with the mountain air.

Mitsubishi Multi-zone / mini-split

Our main HVAC system, it is setup with 2 zones: Upstairs and Downstairs. Each zone has a panel to control the mode, the fan speed, and the temperature.

  • This system is operated by a single outdoor unit. This means both the Upstairs and Downstairs can only run in the same mode (Cool, Heat, Fan)

  • This also means that "Auto Mode" does not work (but "Auto Fan Speed" does work)

  • Examples:

  • We cannot Heat the Upstairs and Cool the Downstairs at the same time.

  • If the Upstairs needs A/C, the Basement Heat must be turned off first.


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