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Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway - Jim Thorpe Historic Train Ride through the Poconos

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

A great outing for any group looking to experience something unique!

Staff member of Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway checks tickets from passengers.
Even the staff is dressed for the times!

The Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway, stationed in Jim Thorpe, PA, is a 70-minute train ride with unique, scenic views of the Poconos. From the old-fashioned ticket-booth and train station to the staff attire, you will feel transported back in time! The staff were all very friendly and professional, going out of their way to help everyone. The train even has a wheelchair lift, allowing for involvement from members of any generation!

When purchasing tickets, you must choose between Open Air Seating, Standard Coach, and Private Caboose, each with their own price points. Seats book up quick, so we recommend buying in advance. When we visited, Open Air Seating was full, so it was Standard Coach for us (Private Caboose needs to be booked in advance). Even though Standard Coach is an enclosed area, most of the windows are able to be opened.

This is a great activity for children, whose imaginations will be in overdrive as they travel through time! As the train travels, an announcer narrates local history while calling out things to look for. They offer special pricing for children under 9, while children 2 and under are free.

Staff recommends coming in the Fall due to the beautiful changes in foliage, providing breathtaking, colorful views. Also, they host a special holiday themed train ride during December, including a visit from the jolly old man himself, Santa.

We really enjoyed our time on the train and after having been on it, we hope the following info will be helpful to you enjoying your time!

  • Get your tickets early! Open Air Seating sells out quickly. Staff recommends that you get your tickets at least 1 hour before the train departs.

  • We recommend sitting on the side of the train further away from the ticket booth. The ticket booth is on the "mountain side" of the tracks, while the side furthest away from the ticket booth oversees the rivers and bridges part of the time, making for better views. The route goes through a gorge, so there will be sections where mountains are on both sides!

  • The train will go in one direction for about 30 minutes and come to a stop. The train will reset for 10 minutes and then go back the way you came. On our ride, passengers willingly switched sides so everyone could see the views on the way back!

  • In Standard Coach, the seat backs can be pushed one way or the other, allowing groups to make custom seating arrangements while also allowing people to reverse their seat position for the ride back!

  • We brought snacks and bottled water with us. As long as you clean up after yourself and don't make a mess, we recommend that you bring snacks and drinks as well!

  • We did not use it, but we did observe a public bathroom on one of the trains that we walked through.

  • There is a large parking lot at the train station; however, we visited around 1:00pm on a Sunday and the lot was full. We were lucky enough to find a spot close to the station, but parking throughout the town is limited.

For more details, including how to purchase tickets and the train schedule, please visit


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