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The Lakeside - Saylorsburg, PA

Good food, great environment! Dine lakeside, indoor with a lake view, or in a great bar area!

  • Bar food, salads, burgers, chicken sandwiches, and a cocktail menu!

  • Live music at times!

  • Large parking lot

  • Distance from our Airbnb rental Birchview Homestead: around 15.8 miles

  • Google Map Directions

The Lakeside is true to its name: this eatery is truly located on Saylors Lake, a smaller local lake with fish and turtles. I'm a lifetime local and had never even heard of this area, so when we learned about it, we just had to check it out!

The day we went was sunny and warm, which was just the perfect day for a lakeside meal. I was surprised at how close The Lakeside is off a road that I have frequently traveled my whole life. I never noticed any signs or any indication that there was a restaurant just a short turn and 1/4 mile off the path, which kind of makes this restaurant the textbook example of why I created this blog!

We ordered drinks from the cocktail menu and I thought they were really good. I ordered the Lakeside Lemonade and it was the perfect choice for the warm day. Lindsey ordered the Lakeside Lifesaver, which tasted great and was a great sipping drink.

For lunch, we both opted for a chicken sandwich, but we opted for different flavors and styles. The Lakeside offers their chicken either grilled or fried. I went with the fried chicken with avocado and bacon, while Lindsey went with the grilled chicken Caprese sandwich. Both were very good and tasted great! In terms of preparation of the fried chicken, at first I thought it was a frozen mass-produced patty (because of the shape) but with my first bite I realized it was a properly pounded and breaded chicken breast.

We're looking to return and try other items on the menu!

For more information, visit The Lakeside on their Facebook profile.


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